About the Company

We help you to handle complex health issues and make the correct decisions concerning your life and wellbeing. The second opinion of our experts provides an opportunity to verify a diagnosis and choose the best treatment plan based on the advanced knowledge and expertise of the world’s leading providers.

About us

We help you to handle complex health issues and make the correct decisions concerning your life and wellbeing. The second opinion of our experts provides an opportunity to verify a diagnosis and choose the best treatment plan based on the advanced knowledge and expertise of the world’s leading providers.

Company History

Our service was launched in mid 2021. Prior to it there had been many months of hard work, including concept development, planning, website creation and improvement. But in fact, the biography of the project is much longer. Behind MedConsOnline team is almost a quarter of a century of successful work in medical tourism. That means tens of thousands of foreign patients whom we had helped receive high-quality health care in the best European and world hospitals. That also implies a multitude of complex medical cases, issues relating to diagnostics and therapy, which we had been able to handle in the best possible way, referring them to the most qualified specialists and providing all necessary service support. Thus, the long-term experience and our loyal customers’ continued confidence are an integral part of the company's history.


  • Company Set Up Mission: providing accompanying services to international patients
  • Second Opinion Service Launch Mission: arranging remote medical consultations
  • Online Service Concept The idea was timely due to an increased demand for remote health care
  • MEDCONSonline Website Launch The service started operating for a limited number of users
  • Full Start Our services are available for patients from all over the world

Our team

The project brought together like-minded professionals with decade-long successful experience in facilitating healthcare services for international patients in European hospitals.
  • Сотрудник MEDCONSonline

    Project Leader, Director of Operations

    Konstantin Virko

    Long-term experience in medical assistance administration

  • Сотрудник MEDCONSonline

    Customer Service Head

    Dina Gaifullina

    Employment in medical tourism since 1995

  • Сотрудник MEDCONSonline

    Corporate Client Department Head

    Sergey Paulov

    Expert in the promotion of medical services for foreign patients

  • Сотрудник MEDCONSonline

    Director, Financial Department Head

    Bakhtiar Balzhanov

    A multipurpose project development and promotion specialist

  • Сотрудник MEDCONSonline

    IT Department Head

    Mikhail Alexandrov

    Personal data protection specialist

  • Marina Virko

    Chief Medical Consultant

    Marina Virko

    PhD, a certified internist and author of popular science articles on vital medical issues

Your Benefits

As MedConsOnline user you will benefit from:

Simplicity and convenience.

You can select the doctor whose opinion you want to find out. We will always listen to your choice.

Consultant support.

A personal manager will be assigned to you to advise on the veracious services available on MedConsOnline portal and assist in choosing the right specialist.

Vast experience.

We have been engaged in medical tourism for about 25 years. The knowledge we have gained ensures efficiency in managing remote consultations. Our expertise a guarantee that you will get an appointment with a qualified doctor.

Custom-based approach.

We shall always respect the user preferences. Our managers will help you find the best consultant for your particular issue. If you’ve already made your choice, we will assist you in getting an appointment with the expert of your choice.


Our project is constantly improving, and we are proud of our achievements which can be shown in numbers:

Over 3000 quality consultations

Our specialists have extensive experience in providing remote case evaluation and second opinions. In the past 12 years, we have facilitated more than 3,000 telehealth on- and offline appointments!

Sample second opinions

Over 60 specialists

Our team includes about six dozen world-class experts with extensive international patient experience.

Over 200 conditions

Our highlight is the comprehensive selection of services we offer. It includes more than 200 custom-made consultations on various health issues and medical fields.

Our Offer

In the course of your second opinion procedure we will:
  • Get your written medical records ready for remote evaluation, arranging the available data in compliance with relevant requirements.
  • Help you put together a list of questions you’d like the expert to answer, so that your appointment can be most informative.
  • Provide step-by-step assistance of a personal manager throughout the whole procedure.
  • Process the imaging so that its format should be most convenient for your consulting physician and specific for your health issue.
  • Arrange the consultation appointments, coordinating the dates and providing technical support.
  • Provide interpreter services as is specified in your order, including consecutive interpreting during online video/telephone appointments, as well as translation of written reports containing medical terms.
  • Arrange follow-up second opinion appointments when additional questions arise or it is necessary to evaluate further treatment or examination results.


You can get in touch with us using any convenient means of communication, including telephone, email, our website contact form, messengers, or social networks.

For general issues, please call our hotline number:


To speed up the processing of your request, please use the appropriate department address.

  • Corporate Department
    A framework partnership agreement with us will offer you a number of exclusive preferences.
  • Financial Department
    Please kindly specify your order and/or client number in your message.
  • Technical Support Department
    Our IT-specialists will gladly assist you with technical issues.

  • Public Relations Department
    We will be happy to answer your questions relating to telemedicine.
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