This website offers an opportunity to get a remote second opinion on any health issue from a highly respected doctor in a simple and accessible way. By engaging our service you can get access to the most recent advances in modern science and the expertise of world-class professionals from the comfort of your home.


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Our service is not delivered face to face. However, sometimes your personal visit to us may be needed. Please kindly make an appointment to visit our office in advance. If necessary, you can also use the addresses listed below to send us physical media containing your exam results. While shipping biological materials you should observe the laws of the dispatch and destination countries. Our company is not liable for shipments lost during transportation.
TelDolMed GmbH
Fliethstr. 112
41061 Moenchengladbach

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Our constantly developing regional partnership network sets out to provide additional services to our clients whenever necessary. For example, they may include medical tourism or translator services.

Russian Federation

CMP Germed GmbH Moscow Representative Office

Leningradskiy Prospekt 28, Office 128

Moscow 125040 Russia

+7 (495) 7481117
Middle Asia

AKB Invest LLP

Dostyk Pr. 43, Dostyk Business Center, Office 512

Almaty A25D9H3 Kazakhstan

+7 (727) 3468667
Eastern Europe

KEVI International Ltd

Kuklensko Shose 12, Office 12/5

Plovdiv 4004 Bulgaria

+359 (887) 230797
North America


Los Angeles, USA

+1 (818) 2579877