Catalog of diseases

Expert opinion and online consultations on a wide range of diseases and conditions available on your computer or any mobile device.

An independent expert evaluation of available medical data, diagnoses and therapeutic prescriptions (a remote second opinion) can be performed for issues and conditions in a wide range of medical fields. In our catalog you can choose the section relating to a specific medical specialty. Each section features the most common diseases and conditions that can be remotely consulted on with an experienced medical professional. If the issue of your concern does not refer to a specific disease, or you have not found the corresponding disease in the catalog, you can use the general consultation option (for example, "general cardiology", "general urology") or contact the manager by phone, e-mail, through your personal account or our feedback form.

As a rule, a second opinion is requested as an additional argument when one needs to make a decision. In general, depending on the nature of the issue and the questions that one would like to clear up, it can help to solve a number of problems.  A re-evaluation of laboratory tests and imaging diagnostic results make it possible to confirm if the diagnosis and/or the treatment plan suggested by your treating physician are correct. If the diagnosis is still to be made, a "fresh look" from an experienced specialist can often reveal the "missing link" and the patient is encouraged to undergo additional tests that eventually resolve the problem. If the current therapy is not successful, a second opinion could be a way to find out about available alternatives, including more advanced methods and approaches. Furthermore, a remote communication with world-class physicians can give an opportunity to learn about the advantages or disadvantages of certain techniques in view of the latest scientific knowledge and the expert’s own clinical practice.

Please note that remote consultations are not intended for urgent medical conditions. In emergency life-threatening situations you should immediately contact your primary care physician or another nearby healthcare specialist.

If you are not sure if a second opinion could be the right way to handle your issue, please contact us by phone, email, through your personal account or our feedback form.


Our doctors can help you with over a hundred health disorders. Your health problem will be resolved in the comfort of your home, avoiding the hassle of a waiting room or the costs of overseas travel. You will get your remote second opinion at a convenient time and in your preferred format.