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Remote consultations in hematology-oncology can help in obtaining a second opinion on the established or presumptive diagnosis of blood and hematopoietic organs disorders, lymphatic system diseases, to interpret the available results of clinical, laboratory, ultrasound, nuclear (PET-CT)radiological (CT or MRI), histopathological examination of bone marrow biopsies, lymph node punctates, to obtain recommendations for treatment or further diagnostic tactics. The main range of problems when it is advisable and technically feasible this form of medical consultation, covers the following hematological diseases: malignant tumors - hematosarcomas and hemoblastosis: lymphoma, acute and chronic leukaemia, multiple myeloma, myeloblastic leukaemia, myelodysplastic syndrome; blood clotting disorders: genetic - haemophilia, autoimmune - thrombocytopenia; hemoglobinopathy, blood diseases due to harmful effects: radiation sickness, sideroblastic anaemia, lead anaemia, hypoplastic anaemia, cryoglobunemia, erythraemia, hemochromatosis, toxic agranulocytosis. Risk and the disease staging assessment could have a high degree reliability by the provision of the following examination results: extended laboratory and histopathological tests, radiological images and results of ultrasound examination. Remote second opinion allows to confirm or exclude the diagnosis, to obtain medical recommendations for further treatment, its scope, optimal timing and stages.

A haematologist, involved in giving a second opinion, makes a conclusion about his agreement with the previous diagnosis, or questions its correctness on the basis of incomplete examination or different interpretation of its results. In the latter case are to be given the proposals for further diagnostic measures. An important aspect of the remote second opinion procedure is the assessment of therapeutic options and suggestions for the further treatment and observation tactics. The consulting doctor gives an opinion on the conservative (drug therapy, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy), invasive (bone marrow transplantation) or surgical treatment advisability. He can also, by the presence of a complete diagnostic picture and according to his conclusion, recommend the most suitable, in this particular case, drug regimen. It could be also given a conclusion about the of surgical tactics, if indicated.

The possibilities of getting a second opinion may be limited by patients with acute haematological processes. In such situations could be recommended an extramural consultation with participation of several specialized doctors.


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Reviews : Hematology

Семья Головановых

Thomas Brodowicz

Наша семья очень благодарна профессору Бродовичу за ответ по поводу редкой опухоли мягких тканей у моей супруги. Не могли получить толкового совета ни у нас в Липецке, ни в Москве. А здесь получилось все очень быстро и по делу. Сервис Медко…


Rainer Haas

Недавно получил письменную консультацию профессора Р.Хааса по поводу назначенной химиотерапии. Благодарю за организацию этой консультации.


Thomas Brodowicz

Hi, I’d like to thank Professor Brodowicz for giving advice on my GIST. I got a very detailed explanation of available treatment options, never had things explained so well by my primary care physician. I was encouraged by Professor’s belief that the out…


Ulrich Germing

Обратился через Медконсонлайн за письменной консультацией по лечению лейкоза от Профессора У. Герминга. Его рекомендации помогли мне убедиться в правильности назначенного лечения, а также сориентироваться по дальнейшим медицинским мероприятиям.