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Remote consultations with cancer specialists are held to obtain a second opinion on the existing or presumptive diagnosis of malignancies affecting human organs, bone marrow, blood cells and lymphatic system, as well as on precancerous conditions; an interpretation of the available clinical, laboratory, and radiology exams, as well as recommendations regarding therapeutic strategy or further tests. This form of healthcare advice is generally appropriate and technically feasible in the case of the following issues:

  • operability of the tumor;
  • the choice of drug therapy scheme;
  • the necessity, volume and type of radiation therapy;
  • follow-up planning.


The specialist involved in a cancer second opinion consultation will confirm the initial diagnosis, or doubt it’s correctness due to insufficient diagnostic data or a different interpretation of test results. In the former case, more examinations will be recommended. 
An important feature of a remote consultation is the assessment of available therapy options and suggestions regarding further treatment and follow-up procedures. The consulting physician will evaluate the potential effect of conservative therapy or surgery (minimally invasive or conventional). With sufficient medical data, the expert may recommend an appropriate case-specific drug regimen, or comment on the necessary volume of an invasive procedure. Lifestyle and dietary advice can also be provided.

Remote oncology consultations are usually limited in value in the case of acute disorders requiring urgent or short-term care (such as intestinal obstruction), critical conditions, as well as in situations when treatment options have already been exhausted.


Specialists in Cancer care

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Reviews : Cancer care


Peter Mallmann

Благодарю профессора Мальмана за внимательное и очень профессиональное отношение. Несмотря на то, что я обратилась заочно и отправила результаты обследования из другой клиники, профессор обстоятельно изучил всё и дал рекомендации. Мне это очень помогло.


Peter Mallmann

Спасибо Профессору Мальману за быстрый и обстоятельный ответ на мой заочный вопрос.


Darius Salehin

Заочная консультация у доктора Залеина прошла очень организованно. Спасибо за такую услугу!

Салиха Е.

Johannes Grossmann

Спасибо МЕДКОНСУ за возможность проконсультироваться у доктора Гроссманна заочно!


Axel Heidenreich

Очень полезным оказалось второе мнение специалиста уролога Хайденрайха из Кёльна. Консультация по видеосвязи прошла очень хорошо. Доволен.


Ingo Schmidt-Wolf

Professor’s consultation was indeed a blessing, he pointed out that the way my lymphoma developed was contradictory to the diagnosis of highly aggressive type that a had got from my cancer care provider. He suggested I should have my slides reviewed at a…