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Remote consultations of a specialist in orthopedic traumatology are carried out in order to obtain a second opinion on the established or presumptive diagnosis of the skeletal system diseases, to interpret the available results of clinical, laboratory, ultrasound, radiological CT or MRI examinations, nuclear examination (PET-CT, scintigraphy), to obtain recommendations for further treatment or diagnostic tactics. The main range of problems for which this form of medical consultation is advisable and technically feasible covers the following skeletal diseases: degenerative diseases caused by wear and tear, injuries, including sports (for example, injuries of the knee and hip joints, tennis elbow, impingement syndrome of the shoulder joint), genetic problems, congenital defects (shortening of the limbs), diseases and injuries of the spine, primarily prolapse of intervertebral discs, aplasia, hypoplasia, infectious, rheumatological lesions of bones and joints, biomechanical damages to joints and toes, benign and malignant tumors of bone tissue. Remote second opinion about the consequences of war injuries can be very effective in terms of not only recommendations for restorative, reconstructive surgery, but also the provision of prostheses and other high-tech aids. Specialists in the field of pediatric orthopedics can advise patients with congenital dysplasia or dislocation of the hip joints, scoliosis, clubfoot, and other defects.

An orthopedist or orthopedist-traumatologist, involved in giving a second opinion, makes a conclusion about his agreement with the previous diagnosis, or questions its correctness on the basis of incomplete examination or different interpretation of its results. In the latter case are to be given the proposals for further diagnostic measures. An important aspect of the remote second opinion procedure is the assessment of therapeutic options and suggestions for the further treatment and observation tactics. The consultant gives his opinion about the advisability of conservative, rehabilitative or surgical treatment, having a complete diagnostic picture, he can recommend an action plan, speak out about the advisability of using medications or technical means, including the modern developments of German doctors and engineers.

Limited possibilities of getting a second opinion may be associated with inability to test the degree of mobility and the range of joints rotation. These deficits can be compensated to a certain degree by video conferencing.


Specialists in Orthopedics

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