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Remote consultations on urology issues are aimed at obtaining a second opinion on the existing or suspected urogenital tract conditions. They can also be helpful in getting expert interpretation of available exam results (clinical, laboratory, microbiology, radiology, histology) and receiving recommendations regarding treatment or follow-up diagnostics.

The basic range of issues where this mode of medical advice is reasonable and technically feasible includes all inflammatory conditions of genitourinary organs (chronic and acute cystitis, various types of prostatitis, chronic orchitis, etc.), suspected or confirmed malignancy in the prostate, bladder, ureters, testes and seminal vesicles. Second opinion can be very beneficial in functional disorders of the genital area; for example, erectile dysfunction. In pediatric urology, an external evaluation of congenital genitourinary abnormalities may confirm a diagnosis and suggest treatment recommendations, including its type, optimal timing and step-by-step planning.

A urologist involved in giving a second opinion may confirm the initial diagnosis, or question it due to insufficient diagnostics or a different interpretation of available findings. In the latter case follow-up examinations will be suggested.

An important aspect of the remote second opinion procedure is a review of therapy options and recommendations regarding further course of action. The expert shall give his/her opinion regarding surgery or non-surgical treatment. If diagnostic data are sufficient, a drug therapy regimen may be suggested, which would in the consulting physician’s view be the best in this particular case. If surgery is indicated, the expert may also specify its method and volume.

A second opinion is not always informative enough in the case of subacute urology conditions, such as kidney stone disease, chronic purulent processes in the kidneys and urogenital organs.

A remote consultation needs time to arrange, so it is not indicated in any acute/life-threatening situations, e.g., a renal colic, urogenital sepsis, acute macrohematuria (urinary bleeding), acute urinary retention.


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You do not have to spend hours getting through busy hospital lines, or sitting in waiting rooms. Expert advice will be delivered fast and free of your effort.

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Reviews : Urology


Axel Heidenreich

My Dad was diagnosed with a kidney tumor. Our local doctors said it was cancer, but could not come up with a clear treatment plan, and his condition was becoming more and more severe. I was at a loss because I did not want to lose him that way, but could…


Axel Heidenreich

Благодарю Медконс за быструю организацию второго мнения. Профессор Хайденрайх сделал заключение по тем анализам и снимкам, которые я отправил. Это заключение меня устроило. Спасибо.


Axel Heidenreich

Слышал, что возможно заказать заочную консультацию у зарубежного специалиста, но не знал, как это осуществить. Через сайт Медконс нашёл такую возможность и отправил все документы. Консультацию по скайпу проводил врач – уролог из Кёльна. Всё подробн…

Грегор Т.

Axel Heidenreich

Я давно имею урологическое заболевание, нахожусь под наблюдением у разных врачей. Решил обратиться за ещё одним мнением к немецкому специалисту, так как предлагались разные операции. Второе мнение профессора Хайденрайха позволило мне принять …

Александр Т.

Axel Heidenreich

Мне понадобилось второе мнение врача – специалиста. На сайте МЕДКОНС сделал запрос о возможности заочной консультации в Университете Кёльн у профессора Хайденрайха. После того, как я заполнил анкету и отправил результаты ранее проведенных обследов…


Axel Heidenreich

Очень полезным оказалось второе мнение специалиста уролога Хайденрайха из Кёльна. Консультация по видеосвязи прошла очень хорошо. Доволен.

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