Second Opinion on Mammology

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This form of medical advice may be helpful and technically feasible with a whole range of mammary gland issues including breast pain, inflammation, abnormal nipple discharge, cysts, benign and malignant tumors.

Male patients can benefit from consultations on gynecomastia or suspicious masses.

Breast care specialists will also deal with issues that might need esthetic surgery, taking into consideration the patient’s ideas and wishes regarding the intended result.         

In the case of a disease, a reliable assessment of its stage or risk level is possible if available mammograms, ultrasound and MRI scans can be provided for evaluation.

Should malignancy be suspected or needs to be confirmed, biopsy results would be of major relevance, as well as eventual PET or skeletal bone scans.      

Remote consultations on breast disorders are carried out in order to get a second opinion on the existing or a presumptive mammary gland diagnosis, to interpret the available clinical exam results, as well as laboratory, ultrasound and radiology scans (CT or MRI,  PET and bone scans), to obtain recommendations on treatment or follow-up management.

A breast medicine specialist involved in the second opinion consultation will provide a conclusion which would agree or disagree with the initial diagnosis, or question its plausibility due to incomplete diagnostics or its incorrect interpretation. If some relevant studies are missing, the patient will be encouraged to have follow-up exams. A significant benefit of a remote second opinion procedure is the assessment of available therapy options and suggestions regarding further treatment and management planning.

Notably, a consulting expert will give an opinion on whether conservative or surgical treatment should be preferred.

Notably, a consulting expert will give an opinion on whether conservative or surgical treatment should be preferred. If diagnostic data are sufficient enough, expert advice regarding drug treatment (chemo- , hormone, immune or targeted therapy) may also be given. In appropriate cases, a remote breast specialist appointment may suggest a comprehensive management plan including the sequence, type and volume of medications, surgery, and irradiation.

A second opinion may be of a limited effect in cases when all possible up-to-date cancer therapy options have already been administered to a patient without much success, and malignancy is progressing despite therapeutic effort. However, even in such situations there is a chance that a new therapy plan can still be worked out, which could lead to a favourable outcome.


Specialists in Mammology

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