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Remote consultations in pulmonology are aimed at obtaining a second opinion on the existing or presumptive diagnosis referring to lung or pleura conditions, specify the stage of the disease, confirm and / or change the previously prescribed therapy, obtain recommendations on preventing disease exacerbation.

The issues that this type of healthcare advice can handle include a wide range of chronic diseases of the bronchial-pulmonary system, such as bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis and chronic obstructive bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pulmonary emphysema, pulmonary hypertension, cystic fibrosis. Should lung or bronchial malignancy be suspected, the consultation is held by an onco-pulmonologist, and, if necessary, by a thoracic surgeon.

Pulmonology second opinion consultations involve the assessment of the patient’s case data (complaints, subjective symptoms, anamnesis), as well as various exams including laboratory test results (inflammation markers, blood picture, tumor markers, allergy blood and skin tests,  blood gas analysis, etc.) , functional tests (lung function, body plethysmography), radiology scans (x-ray, computed tomography), bronchoscopy, histology tests of tissue samples obtained by bronchoscopy, microbiology analyses (bronchial secret culture, etc.).

A pulmonologist or a lung cancer specialist, involved in giving a second opinion, will evaluate the sufficiency of initial diagnostics and conclude if the existing diagnosis is right and the administered treatment is adequate.

The consulting doctor may recommend  having follow-up exams necessary to make or specify a diagnosis and gives an opinion on available drug therapy or surgery options (including minimally invasive or other type of procedures). The expert can also advise on rehabilitation treatment and lifestyle.

A second opinion is less effective in acute inflammatory conditions of the bronchial-pulmonary system and pleura (abscesses, acute pneumonia of various origins; acute pulmonary embolism), in the case of a coma, as well as advanced cancer when all possible therapy options have already been tried.


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Dennis Ladage

Мне врачи уже назначили курс лечения моей болезни, но я не очень-то верил, что все правильно, хотел узнать, как лечат мою болезнь в Германии. Доктор Ладаге подробно расписал мне терапию, какие таблетки и как принимать. Лекарства-то те же самые, то есть…

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