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Remote consultations in dermatology are carried out in order to obtain a second opinion on the established or presumptive diagnosis of skin diseases, including benign and malignant neoplasms, allergic and pseudo-allergic reactions of the skin of mucous membranes, skin manifestations of systemic diseases, lesions of nails and hair, interpretation of the results of a clinical, laboratory examination, obtaining recommendations on therapeutic or further diagnostic tactics.                                                                                    The main range of problems when this form of medical consultation is advisable and technically feasible, the following atopic diseases: hay fever, allergic asthma, histaminosis, neurodermatitis, eczema, urticaria, allergy to bee and wasp stings, allergy to house dust, mold fungus, animal hair, medicines, food and harmful substances intolerance.

A dermatologist, involved in giving a second opinion, makes a conclusion about his agreement with the previous diagnosis, or questions its correctness on the basis of incomplete examination or different interpretation of its results. In the latter case are to be given the proposals for further diagnostic measures. An important aspect of the remote second opinion procedure is the assessment of therapeutic options and suggestions for the further treatment and observation tactics. The consulting doctor gives an opinion on surgical treatment feasibility; symptomatic, systemic or specific immune therapy advisability. He can also, by the presence of a complete diagnostic picture, recommend a scheme of drug treatment. It could be also given recommendations about lifestyle, habits and nutrition.

The possibilities of getting a second opinion may be limited by the patients with acute allergic processes requiring immediate intervention, for example, Quincke's edema. Second opinion after the end of acute phase could be helpful in risk assessment, residual symptoms,relapse exclusion and prescribing of an optimal drug therapy.


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