About our service

This website offers an opportunity to get a remote second opinion on any health issue from a highly respected doctor in a simple and accessible way. By engaging  our service you can get access to the most recent advances in modern science and the expertise of world-class professionals from the comfort of your home.

Medical appointments without extra costs and risks

Nowadays you can get advice from a highly experienced doctor without a personal visit. Relevant medical records can be transmitted over secure communication channels, while a medical history intake and even patient examination can be conducted using a computer, tablet, or smartphone camera. All recommendations and referrals can be rendered either in a traditional written form or online. As a result, remote healthcare consultations have the effect of real-life appointments plus a whole number of additional benefits:

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  • no need to spend time and money to get to a clinic, including visa formalities and hours-long flights;
  • you get an unbiased and independent opinion from a highly-experienced doctor located in any country in the world;
  • no risk of exposure to infection;
  • address urgent health issues in a convenient and comfortable home environment.

People we can help

Remote medical expert advice will help if you:

  • after certain stages of the examination, you can not get a reasonable diagnosis and treatment recommendations, or the prescribed treatment does not bring the desired effect;
  • not sure that the diagnosis you’ve received is correct;
  • you are looking for a second opinion about whether you’ve undergone a sufficient number of diagnostic procedures;
  • would like to obtain recommendations on increasing the number of diagnostic procedures;
  • have doubts about the necessity of the recommended surgery;
  • would like to get a second opinion about the correctness of the treatment plan;
  • would like to know about new methods of treatment of your illness;
  • want to receive recommendations on rehabilitation procedures after an acute illness or a surgery;
  • you had COVID-19 and would like to obtain recommendations on further observation and rehabilitation treatment;
  • don’t have a possibility to travel abroad for diagnostic tests and treatment.


Clinic/Doctor Directly
Online clinics
Medical tourism agencies
Selecting a specialist

MEDCONSonline helps you find a doctor that specializes in your particular health problem  and who is experienced in online consultations.

Clinics/Doctors do not inform patients of their experience in online consultations.

Online clinics are focused on providing fast help to the patients with minor ailments and do not offer services of experts.

Medical tourism agencies are focused on in-person treatment and do not consider qualifications of the specialists experienced in the field of online consultations.

Simple consultation scheduling

MEDCONSonline offers a tailored infrastructure for easy scheduling of international online consultations.

Clinics/Doctors do not offer an opportunity to schedule an online consultation.

The interface of online clinics is focused on the need of regional patients and inconvenient for scheduling of international online consultations.

Medical tourism agencies do not offer an opportunity to schedule a remote consultation online.

Completion time of online consultations

MEDCONSonline informs the patients of the completion time as soon as they schedule a consultation and guarantees full compliance with the deadlines. It is also possible to request a remote doctor visit online.

Clinics/Doctors do not inform patients of the completion time of an online consultation.

Online clinics offer to schedule online consultations but do not guarantee that a written report of findings will be ready by the certain time.

Medical tourism agencies do not inform the patients of the completion time of the online consultation.

Cost of online consultation

MEDCONSonline has negotiated the optimal pricing with its doctors, taking into account different volumes of data required for conducting a particular consultation. The patient is informed of the cost of the consultation upon scheduling.

Open catalog of specialists

Clinics/Doctors do not inform patients of the volume of services and their cost in advance but require an upfront payment.

Online clinics offer inexpensive services of average specialists, and consultations with such doctors do not bring the desired result.

Medical tourism agencies charge high fees for their services without having standardized processes in place.



Our highly qualified specialists, who have many years of experience in organizing medical services for foreign patients, will provide you with:

  • offer support of a personal medical case manager at all stages of the “second opinion” service;
  • prepare the medical file for your online consultation (structured as a medical resume) and present it to the doctor you’ve chosen in a standardized format;
  • assist with preparation of accurate questions for the consulting doctor to ensure maximum effectiveness of the consultation;
  • prepare the file with medical records in an electronic format;
  • provide accurate translation of all medical records into the native language of the doctor;
  • provide technical tools and coordinate the time of the consultation with all the parties, also selecting an audio or video format for the consultation;
  • offer services of a consecutive interpreter for an audio or video consultation;
  • deliver competent translation of the report of findings of the consulting doctor into your native language;
  • there is a possibility of scheduling a subsequent consultation with the consulting doctor in regards to further questions or a follow-up on your medical issue.


We offer multiple formats of consultations regarding your medical issue:

Written consultations

Analysis of the medical records and diagnostic results provided for the consultation followed by a written report of findings

Written consultations

Audio consultations

Analysis of the medical records and diagnostic results provided for the consultation, a conversation with a consulting doctor in an audio format followed by a written summary of the consultation

Video consultations

Analysis of the medical records and diagnostic results provided for the consultation, a conversation with a consulting doctor in a video format followed by a written summary of the consultation

Learn more about choosing a consultation in the questions and answers.



Online consultations with leading medical specialists of Germany.

We offer online consultations with leading specialists from the most reputable clinics of Europe and the world. Among the consulting doctors are Professors, Privat-docents and Doctors of Medicine who have vast experience and are recognized internationally as opinion leaders in the field.

A user-friendly online platform for finding a specialty doctor.

Our portal provides you with a unique opportunity to choose a doctor or a clinic that best suits your medical needs. Our team is always there to support your choice.

Services of a Personal Case Manager.

Your personal case manager can answer all your questions about the services we offer and help you to make the right choice.

A team with years of experience in arranging medical treatment in the leading hospitals of Germany.

Attempts to contact doctors on your own – as opposed to contacting doctors using professional services – are usually unsuccessful.

Individual approach to our clients.

We also offer online consultations by an individual program. For example, you know the opinion of which specialist you would like to get, but you don’t know how you can get it. We will do our best to arrange such a consultation for you – from anywhere in the world.

There are only a few steps from a problem to its solution, take the first one!

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