Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery

Dr. med. Markus Granrath

Orthopedist and trauma surgeon, Center for Molecular Orthopedics, Dusseldorf, Germany

Experience  — 20 years

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Orthopedics and Trauma surgery

Sports medicine

Joint diseases (hip, knee, ankle)

Joint arthroplasty

Biological joint reconstruction

Molecular orthopedics (biological treatment of joint and spine diseases)

I. Arthroscopic operations:
• on the knee joint (cruciate ligament plastic surgery, cartilage and meniscus surgery)
• on the shoulder joint (expansion of the subacromial space, treatment of a rotator cuff rupture, shoulder instability)
• on the ankle
II. Knee endoprosthetics (primarily with the latest generation of custom-made prostheses)
III. Special interventions:
• Biological cartilage replacement (stem cell transplantation)
• Cartilage replacement surgery

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