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Neurology, Epileptology

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We Are Happy to Introduce a New Service

From now on, our clients can benefit from a second opinion on epilepsy, one of the most complex neurology issues.

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Epilepsy: symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

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An epileptic seizure is not always accompanied by convulsions. Also, not every convulsion is a sign of epilepsy. To avoid misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment, a comprehensive examination is required, including a detailed anamnesis, evaluation of clinical symptoms and imaging tests. Important notice: diagnostic procedures should not be delayed!

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Neurologist and Epileptologist

Christian E. Elger

Medical director and managing partner «Beta Neurology» - Competence Center for Epilepsy, Beta Klinik Bonn, Germany

Prof. Dr. med.

Christian E. Elger

One of the leading neurologists and epileptologists in Europe

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