Prof. Dr. med. Ingo Schmidt-Wolf

Director of the Integrated Oncology Department, University Clinic Bonn

Experience  — 30 years

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Immunological diseases.
Hematological and oncological diseases.
Diagnosis and therapy of malignant lymphoma.
Treatment of solid tumors.
Acute and chronic leukemia.

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Professor’s consultation was indeed a blessing, he pointed out that the way my lymphoma developed was contradictory to the diagnosis of highly aggressive type that a had got from my cancer care provider. He suggested I should have my slides reviewed at a specialized lab, and it proved the initial histology wrong! In fact, it made a big difference in terms of my therapy plan, making a severe chemo regimen useless. Thank you, dear Professor!

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Dear Zeinab, Thanks a lot for your review, we are glad that you could benefit from your cancer second opinion consul with Prof. Schmidt-Wolf. We wish you all the best. Best regards, Your MedconsOnline Manager



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Usually a biopsy deals with tissue (epithelial, muscular, etc.). However, in recent years, scientists have increasingly been paying attention to the human body fluids, primarily blood.

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