Reproductive Medicine, Gynecology, Endocrinology

Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Huber

Former head of the endocrinology and sterility treatment department, Clinic for Gynecology, Medical University of Vienna / Vienna General Hospital (AKH)

Experience  — 30 years
Rating  — 2

Leading Austrian specialist in gynecology, endocrinology and reproductive medicine

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Endocrinological gynecology


Reproductive medicine

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A Second Medical Opinion: More Certainty or Doubt?

The German parties CDU/CSU and SPD would like patients to get 2nd opinions before some elective procedures. Will it help to make right decisions?

Endometriosis: new genetic risk factors have been discovered

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The exact mechanisms of the disease, which occurs in hundreds of millions of women worldwide, have not yet been determined. However, a recent large-scale study has identified a number of genetic factors that can cause abnormal endometrium overgrowth. 

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