Vascular Surgery, Phlebology

Associate Professor, Dr. med. Stephan Langer

Head of the Clinic for Vascular Surgery at Marien Hospital, Witten

Experience  — 20 years

Associate Professor Dr. med. Stephan Langer leads one of the largest interregional vascular surgery clinics.  The Marien Hospital´s spectrum covers  the treatment of the various vascular diseases at the highest level of quality and safety, including complex endovascular interventions for aortic aneurysm and arteritis obliterans

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Vascular surgery

Endovascular surgery

Phlebology, including:

- interventions for abdominal aortic aneurysm (including stenting using special fEVAR and bEVAR stents)

- treatment of obliterating endarteritis

- treatment of stenosis of the carotid arteries

- surgery for peripheral vascular aneurysm

- surgical interventions for varicose veins

- recanalization of deep veins in post-traumatic syndrome

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