Cardiology, Endocrinology, Rheumatology, Immunology

Prof. Dr. med. Werner Scherbaum

Cardiologist, Private cardiology clinic "Cardio Centrum", Dusseldorf

Experience  — 35 years

A world-class specialist in internal medicine, diabetes, thyroid, rheumatic diseases and cardiology.

Until 2012, Prof. Scherbaum held the chair for internal medicine and was director of the clinic for endocrinology, diabetology and rheumatology at the University Clinic in Dusseldorf.

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Diabetes mellitus and pancreatic diseases: diagnostic errors

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Diabetes mellitus is one of the most common conditions. There are several forms of the disease, differing in cause and course, although in the background is always a disorder of glucose metabolism in the body. Correct and timely diagnosis plays a crucial role in finding the right treatment and monitoring scheme. This means that it is possible to maintain the quality of life for as long as possible, avoiding or minimizing complications. However, it is at the time of diagnosis that mistakes occur quite often.

Novel diabetes medications and their role in reducing excess weight

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New generation antidiabetic drugs, which appeared on the market relatively recently, are rightfully considered a breakthrough in the treatment of this widespread and dangerous disease. At the same time, they are not only able to regulate blood sugar levels, but also to fight the frequent "companion" of diabetes - obesity.

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