Attention allergy patients: immunotherapy remote advice is now available!

18 Oct 2023

Fall is the time to think about seasonal allergies. Not in terms of its troublesome manifestations, but to ensure its timely prevention. For this purpose, we have developed a special consultation.

Millions of people throughout the planet associate spring and early summer with a long-lasting runny nose, streams of tears, the inability to go outdoors rather than with the rebirth of nature. The culprit of all these woes - pollen, which causes an allergic reaction. Ordinary house dust, or rather, tiny insects that live in it, can cause similar trouble. Severe allergies can also develop from ordinary mosquito bites.

Relatively recently, all of these problems had virtually no effective solution. The only way out was to avoid contact with triggers as much as possible. Fortunately, however, allergen-specific immunotherapy (AIT) has emerged in the arsenal of physicians. This is a kind of "allergy shot", or an opportunity to "train" the body to the allergy-causing substance and not to show a negative reaction with the help of special medications. That is, a way to defeat the cause of the disease rather than its consequences.

Unfortunately, primary care physicians are not always sufficiently aware of the possibilities, as well as important nuances of such therapy. But, thanks to the MedconsOnline service, our users can now find a more qualified expert and obtain recommendations in line with current European clinical guidelines and based on extensive practical experience.

It is important to start seasonal allergy desensitization long before the blooms begin, so those suffering from these allergies are encouraged to check out our AIT consultation page right now!


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