Digital Pathology Is Another Way to Get Remote Advice

03 Nov 2022

Digital Pathology Is Another Way to Get Remote Advice

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The results of pathology tests play a key role in modern healthcare. Statistically, they determine therapeutic decision-making in at least 70% of cases.

Laboratories use the most precise tools to examine tissue samples, but much of the job is still done by the human eye. That means, wrong assessments and inaccurate conclusions are still possible. Therefore, in situations where an error can be fatal, it is better to be on the safe side obtaining a second opinion.

However, an expert with sufficient expertise may sometimes be hundreds or thousands of kilometers away, very frequently, even in another country. So, it is time-consuming or just technically impossible to send specimens for review. Today, this issue can be solved by converting histological slides into a digital format with the help of a special scanner. The files with images obtained in this way can be easily transmitted to any distance, and the efficiency of visual evaluation will not be lower as compared to seeing the slides under a microscope.

In our recently added section on pathology diagnostics, we have set up a respective remote consultation service. As part of Digital Pathology Second Opinion will help you to find the most competent specialist or a reference laboratory with the necessary sub-specialization. If necessary, we will advise you on digitalizing your slides, and, of course, arrange the entire procedure of data transfer and obtaining an expert report. 


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