One More Competence of Dr. Salehin Gets Acknowledged Nationwide

22 Aug 2022

One More Competence of Dr. Salehin Gets Acknowledged Nationwide

Privatdozent Darius Salehin, chief of Gynecology & Obstetrics Clinic Bethesda, Mönchengladbach, thinks that prevention and treatment of cervical dysplasia is crucial for fighting severe gynecologic cancers. Thus, for a few years he has been deliberately laying the groundwork for his clinic to be certified as a cervical dysplasia center by the German Oncology Society. The purpose of preventive measures is the timely diagnostics of human papillomavirus, present in many female patients. It manifests itself as inflammatory or other conditions. A doctor with appropriate training can detect it during a clinical examination. In most cases, the virus is harmless and disappears on its own. However, if it persists, chronic inflammation can lead to cervical dysplasia. Which, in its turn, can cause precancerous conditions. That’s why the significance of timely therapeutic procedures can hardly be overestimated.

In Dr.Salehin’s opinion, it is important to take prophylactic measures by vaccinating children. This helps to prevent the spread of the virus by sexual contact.

The dysplasia certificate adds to the clinic’s already acknowledged status as a regional gynecological oncology center. Above it, a few years ago it was certified as an endometriosis treatment center authorized to train physicians. Medconsonline consultant Dr. Salehin regularly conducts master classes for colleagues, including online conferences.


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