Our Expert Sets Up a Private Clinic

04 May 2022

Our Expert Sets Up a Private Clinic

Professor Marcus Tingart’s thirty-year practical experience includes about ten years as Director of Orthopedics Department at Aachen University Hospital, a major orthopedics facility in North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany). In 2022 Prof. Tingart and his colleague from the university hospital decided to set up a private clinic. The newly founded Ortho-Centrum Aachen deals with a wide range of locomotor diseases, offering its patients conventional as well as innovative treatment methods and techniques.

One of the professor’s scientific and practical interest areas is joint replacement. In connection with this particular procedure an expert second opinion is a very frequent need, and professor Tingart’s  advice has already helped a lot of patients to find the right solution.

The most common issue is to confirm indications for a surgery. Only a highly experienced doctor can tell if the patient’s complaints and imaging exams data actually prove that the joint replacement is the only option. An independent expert opinion is also a must if the pains persist even after the joint surgery.

“The possible reason may be, for example, that the implant was poorly fixed or just misplaced. Since in may come to a second operation, with post-OP pains I would highly recommend to obtain a second or probably even a third opinion”, - says prof.Tingart.

In his new clinic the professor is planning to carry on his effort to improve the joint surgery techniques. He will also remain one of our top orthopedics experts.

We wish Professor Tingart and his associates professional success and prosperity.


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