Our Experts are Best Among the Best

12 Apr 2022

Our Experts are Best Among the Best

The STERN Magazine, a popular German illustrated magazine in its special edition of March 8, 2022 features a list of the nation’s top physicians. The title "Gute Ärzte für mich" (German for "best doctors for me") includes medical professionals whom the magazine experts consider as leaders in their particular filed.

Among them are professors Christian Trautwein, director of the Clinic of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Metabolic Disorders and Intensive Care of Aachen University Hospital, and Peter Walter, head of the Ophthalmology Clinic in the same medical center. Both belong to Medconsoline experts team, so such a high estimate of their professional activities can be another proof of the expert level of our service.

The STERN Magazine selects the top medical experts in cooperation with the MUNICH INQUIRE MEDIA (MINQ)  independent research institute. To become a candidate, a physician should meet certain criteria, for example, be a member of a specialized professional organization or work at a clinic where a high number of certain procedures are performed or particular disorders are treated very often. The rating is also based on the colleagues’ interviews, the patients’ opinions and national and international specialized mass media opinion as regards as the candidates’ scientific research. The list covers about 105 medical specialties.


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