New Year at a New Clinic

30 Dec 2022

New Year at a New Clinic

Professor Horst Neuhaus was among those who turned a neu page in endoscopy by putting into practice sophisticated tools which allowed to detect the tiniest malignancies in the stomach or colon. He built a team that made his department a leading gastroenterology facility in Germany and throughout Europe. And he was a founding father of the annual international endoscopy symposium, a prominent learning and research platform, this year celebrating its 25th jubilee.

However, the burden of administrative routine cannot be carried on too long. At the beginning of 2023, Prof. Neuhaus is moving to a new job, or rather, he will continue his work in a new environment. He will now see patients in one of the modern private hospitals in Düsseldorf. Excellent technical equipment, a comfortable atmosphere, the possibility to devote even more attention to each individual case, and – hopefully - shorter appointment waiting time - these are factors that will undoubtedly bring more benefits to his patients. And, of course, the professor will continue to provide remote consultations on a wide range of gastrointestinal problems, including stomach and bowel cancer.


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