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25 Aug 2022

Children are not just small adults. This metaphor can explain a lot about the specifics of pediatric epileptology, Professor Kluger’s major area of expertise, as well as an object of his life-long dedication.  

For Dr. Kluger, epilepsy in a child or adolescent is not merely a seizure syndrome manifesting itself at an early age. It is a complex condition affecting both the body and the psyche, which has a significant influence on the small patient’s future and presents a major challenge not only for the child but also for his or her family. Thus, the leading senior physician at a distinguished epilepsy center in Bavaria (Germany) advocates a holistic approach to childhood epilepsy management. Its foundation stone is the Do-No-Harm principle. That means a careful selection of therapy which will control seizures with minimal side effects. Another key aspect is working with parents. Their support and conscious involvement in the treatment process is crucial for therapy success.

Telemedicine is becoming an increasingly important part of Professor Kluger’s professional routine.  Although relatively new for neurology, and especially for pediatric epileptology, the practice is strongly supported by the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE). Gerhard Kluger has gained vast experience in providing remote advice via telephone and video appointments.

He admits: “Specialists with expertise in childhood epilepsy management are not available in all regions of Europe. Sometimes the nearest expert is too far away, and it takes years to get a correct diagnosis and adequate care.” 

We are happy that MedconsOnline clients can now benefit from Professor Kluger’s expert second opinion, in particular on childhood epileptology, including the management of its rare and drug-resistant forms. No doubt his expertise and empathy will be of great help in most complicated issues.



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