Clinical pathology

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Mairinger

Director of the Department of Tissue Diagnostics/Pathology

Experience  — 25 years

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  • Clinical obductions
  • Cytological diagnostics, including immunocytochemistry
  • Histopathological diagnosis, including special histological stains
  • Immunohistochemical diagnostics of solid, lymphatic and hematopoietic tumors, including detection of receptors with quantitative analysis (IG, FISH)
  • Diagnosis/telepathology of frozen specimens
  • Standardized cyto-, histo- and molecular pathological diagnostics for breast, intestinal and lung centers

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Digital Pathology Is Another Way to Get Remote Advice

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With the help of advanced technologies scanning can nowadays be used even with pathology slides. Thus, we have added a new second opinion option that facilitates digital pathology review.

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Pathology revision: knowing the prior diagnosis can be misleading

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A second opinion will be less objective, if the physician providing it knows the first one. This is the conclusion of a study involving US pathology specialists.

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