Getting 2nd Opinion on Cancer is Now Easier

29 Nov 2022

Getting 2nd Opinion on Cancer is Now Easier

Oncology is a vast medical field dedicated to the prevention, diagnostics and treatment of diverse malignant disorders. That is, cancer is not a unanimous diagnosis, it is a multitude of conditions which develop in various parts of the human body. So, when we say “cancer”, we actually do not mean malignancy as an abstract notion, but refer to abnormal cell growth in some particular organ or system, which, in terms of its management, falls within the domain of the corresponding medical subspecialty, such as urology with kidney cancer or breast care (mastology) in the case of mammary gland carcinoma.

That is why all cancer consultations on our website were initially placed under the respective healthcare specialty. However, to make things more comfortable for our visitors, we have decided to set up a special page comprising all our second opinion offers relating to malignant diseases. At the moment it features quite a number of conditions, and we are planning to add more pretty soon. However, if you do not see your particular issue, do not hesitate to contact us for a customized offer.


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