Congratulations to Dr. Gluz on his new position

06 Feb 2023

Congratulations to Dr. Gluz on his new position

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Dr. Oleg Gluz is a committed breast care specialist and a strong supporter of customized breast cancer management strategies. Following his over 15-year experience at Breast Center Niederrhein, starting from assistant doctor up to leading senior physician, he has recently become Head of that major national breast care facility.

The professional carrier of Oleg Gluz is a history of success through hard work and commitment. After board certification as a specialist in gynecology in 2012, he became director of medicine and research development for the West German Study Group, a major national research project aimed at facilitating breast cancer trials. In 2017, he habilitated at the University of Cologne. In 2022, Oleg Gluz was given the honor of representing Germany at the ESMO European Cancer Congress. His personal effort has been a great contribution to the overall success of Breast Center Niederrhein, where he has been working since 2009. In the past years it has developed into one of the major breast care facilities in Germany, with more than 500 newly diagnosed breast cancer cases each year.

One would ask, why Dr. Gluz would not prefer to strive for a university hospital position. His answer is: "It's impossible to do clinical research without direct every day contact with patients. Here I have the ideal conditions for this."

We wish our dear expert further success in his clinical practice and scientific research.


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