When every step hurts, we’ve got a solution!

22 Apr 2024

When every step hurts, we’ve got a solution!

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We are glad to introduce Dr.Nastai, a dedicated foot and ankle specialist now providing online expert advice on medconsonline.com.

We hardly think about them as something special. However, our feet are real toilers whose overall load equals dozens of tons per every kilometer we walk. In a normal situation, they are doing it practically unnoticed. But if something goes wrong, foot pain is likely to make every step an immense challenge.

Still another challenge is to find the right doctor who could handle your issue. There may be a number of orthopedists around, but their expertise is not always specific enough. Just think that your foot is not simply the lower part of your leg. It is a very complex structure consisting of 26 bones, 33 joints, 20 muscles and about a hundred ligaments. With such a sophisticated mechanism, one should have perfect knowledge of how each and every detail functions to understand the true origin of pain and handle it correctly.

Dr. Manuel Nastai is a board-certified orthopedist with a strong focus on foot and ankle conditions, including minimally invasive surgery techniques. He’s been dedicated to this particular subspecialty since his postgraduate years, so he is highly qualified to treat practically all foot and ankle conditions, starting from bunions and heel spurt up to congenital deformities, sport injuries and failed surgeries. 

Now available on medconsonline.com is Dr.Nastai’s online advice on foot and ankle conditions. It provides a good opportunity to get expert evaluation and a second opinion of a whole range of issues, like pains, numbness, and other complaints, and could also be helpful in planning your surgery procedure.


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