Professor Neumann continues his career in Essen

18 Dec 2023

Professor Neumann continues his career in Essen

In October 2023, Ulf Peter Neumann, one of Germany's leading transplant surgeons, took over as head of visceral surgery at Essen University Hospital.

Ulf Peter Neumann began his professional career in Berlin, where he mastered his skills as a visceral surgeon and gained extensive experience in oncologic, hepatobiliary surgery and organ transplantation under the guidance of outstanding surgeons at the Charité University Hospital. As a leading senior physician, he coordinated more than 300 liver transplant procedures per year, and was directly involved in the establishment of the interdisciplinary colorectal surgery center.

The next highlight of Prof. Neumann's career path was the University Hospital of Aachen, where he led general surgery for 17 years, successfully taking over the mission of his forerunner, Prof. Schumpelick, in developing the methods of gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary malignant disease treatment, as well as bringing transplant surgery to a new qualitative level.

Our esteemed expert’s new position is a maximum-service medical facility covering the entire spectrum of general, visceral and transplant surgery. It is one of Europe's leading centers for liver and kidney transplantation. The second main clinical and scientific focus is the surgical treatment of cancer patients. Thanks to close interdisciplinary cooperation, optimal treatment strategies for the most complex malignant tumors can be developed here. 

We wish Prof. Neumann every success and new achievements.


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