Professor Weymann now works in Hannover

24 Apr 2023

Professor Weymann now works in Hannover

@Photo courtesy of Professor Alexander Weymann

Since April 2023, a prominent German cardiac surgeon and MedConsOnline consultant, Prof. Alexander Weymann, has been in charge of one of the major heart surgery sections at the Hannover Medical School.

The Hanover Medical School is one of the leading educational, clinical and scientific centers not only nationwide, but also internationally. It was ranked 32nd in the 2023 world’s best hospital list, which included 2500 medical institutions. The Department of Cardiovascular, Thoracic and Transplantation Surgery performs about 2000 heart-lung machine surgeries, approximately 100 lung transplants and 20 heart transplants each year. The entire spectrum of standard and most innovative interventions, including minimally invasive procedures, among other with the help of robotic assisted systems.

It is this particular area that has been Prof. Weimann’s area of high specialization for quite a time. Of course, his professional expertise is much broader, covering the entire spectrum of cardiac surgery available in the arsenal of modern medicine, including the most complex operations.

"My comfort zone starts where others say it's no longer possible,"- the heart surgeon says about himself.

Nevertheless, the doctor's hallmark is the state-of-the-art gentle techniques, which provide not only excellent therapeutic results, but also a more rapid recovery.

Those includes not only the already well-known Da Vinci surgical system, but also even more advanced tools, such as the world's first rotary laparoscopic system, ArtiSential.

To date, Prof. Weimann has performed the greatest number of such high-tech procedures in Europe, and is generously sharing his experience with his colleagues.

We are sure that in his new position as Head of the Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery Section, Prof. Weimann will have every opportunity to master his excellent skills, as well as to contribute to the development of this field of medicine for the benefit of cardiac patients.


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