Prof. Dr. med. Hans Clusmann

Head of Neurosurgery Department, RWTH Aachen University Hospital

Experience  — 30 years

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Brain tumor resection with neuronavigation and intraoperative monitoring

Skull base surgery, including pituitary gland

Vascular neurosurgery

Epilepsy treatment

Pediatric neurosurgery (including endoscopic procedures on hydrocephalus)

Skull injuries

Spinal degenerative diseases, degenerative diseases of cervical, thoracic and lumbosacral intervertebral discs

Spinal masses and injuries

Minimally invasive treatment of age-related conditions, such as osteoporotic vertebral fractures

Reconstructive spinal procedures

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Валерий Николаевич

Я просто восхищён рекомендациями Проф.Клусманна, полученными мной по видеосвязи по поводу пареза руки. Он очень вдохновил меня тем, что возможности консервативной терапии ещё не исчерпаны, и в моём случае есть шанс на частичное восстановление двигательных функций. Одно из его назначений уже дало некоторый эффект. Прошу передать г-ну Клусманну мою огромную благодарность! Хочу также отметить отличную организацию консультации сотрудниками Медконсонлайн!

Команда MedConsOnline

Уважаемый Валерий Николаевич, Большое спасибо, что нашли время и написали этот отзыв. Мы рады, что Вы остались довольны тем, что обратились за вторым мнением. Обязательно передадим Вашу благодарность Профессору Клусманнy. Желаем Вам здоровья! С уважением Менеджер MedConsOnline


Professor Clussmann’s review of my daughter’s situation was amazingly quick and precise. Uploading the MRI images with Medconsonline help had been very easy. Unfortunately, we were not happy about the conclusions since we had hoped for an operation, which turned out to be impossible in my daughter’s case. I am very thankful for the consultation anyway.

Команда MedConsOnline

Dear Ladislav, Thank you very much for your kind words. Please do not hesitate to contact if you need assistance while considering non-surgical procedure. Best regards, Your MedconsOnline manager


I think Professor Clussmann is super. His advice was a blessing when I was so much frustrated about my spine surgery. My doctor said I need it, still it was so frightening, just to think about it. Professor’s answer was clear cut: do it or things will get too worse. So, I did it, and here I am, walking straight again without pain. Thank you, doctor!

Команда MedConsOnline

Dear Aryan, thank you very much for your comment, and we are happy with your recovery! Best regards, Your MedConsOnline manager


Eight out of ten back surgeries turn out to be unnecessary

Most spinal surgeries may in fact be useless. Eight out of ten patients who requested a second opinion before elective surgery were advised not to undergo the procedure.

Why Is Back Pain Misdiagnosed So Often?

Back pain is one of the most common complaints. But although the problem is so widespread, wrong diagnoses are quite frequent.

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