Internal medicine, Gastroenterology

Prof. Dr. med. Peter Layer

Head of the Ikaneum Institute for Intestinal Disorders and Nutrition, the Jewish Hospital in Hamburg

Experience  — 40 years

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• Gastrointestinal motility disorders

• Functional gastrointestinal diseases

• Regulation of digestion and nutrition disorders

• Inflammatory diseases and functional pancreas disorders

• Malignancies

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I had a very detailed discussion with Professor Layer about my irritated bowel issue. I had seen so many doctors before, but none of them had been so thorough about my symptoms, and so comprehensive in explaining how to manage them. He really is a GREAT doctor! I think his advice is working. I am feeling much better. I am happy to have found a solution at last.

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Dear Timothy, Thank you very much for your comment, we wish you all the best. Sincerely yours, MedConsOnline Manager


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Institute for Gastrointestinal Disorders in Hamburg


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