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Сделал у себя в городе ПЭТ-КТ, но никак не мог добиться от местных врачей нормального заключения, много неясностей и непонятные выводы. Через Медконс заказал описание в немецкой клинике, сделали все очень быстро, перевели на русский, теперь ситуация стала яснее. Очень полезный сервис!

Команда MedConsOnline

Уважаемый Мансур! Мы рады, что смогли помочь. ПЭТ-КТ – достаточно сложное исследование, и его интерпретация требует опыта, поэтому мы очень тщательно отбираем экспертов. В центре DIE Radiologie очень компетентные специалисты, их мнению можно доверять. Желаем Вам здоровья! С уважением, Менеджер MedconsOnline


I was amazed at how fast and efficient it was! My PET-CT second opinion was delivered in three days, it had a detailed description and clear conclusions, signed by two Ass. Professors. I appreciate what you guys at Medcons have done for me, finding the right experts.

Команда MedConsOnline

Dear Dominic, Thank you very much for your review, DIE Radiologie is indeed a very reliable provider, and we are proud at being able to facilitate obtaining their second opinion. Regards, Your MedconsOnline Manager


Medconsonline Features a Radiology Second Opinion

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Our clients can now benefit from expert second opinions  on advanced imaging examinations, such as CT, MRI, PET-CT, and mammography

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Teleradiology and a Radiology Second Opinion: Prospects and Relevant Ins and Outs

Radiology exams are very important for clinical decision making. With teleradiology, the accuracy of interpretation of such data can be improved by bringing in a third-party expert for primary or secondary evaluation. Practice shows that such "remote" radiology has obvious advantages, but some nuances must be taken into account if you want to get the best results. In fact, the effectiveness of a second opinion depends not only on the technical quality, but also on the completeness of medical data provided in addition to the images.

What is computed tomography (CT)?

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Computed tomography is used to assess the condition of musculoskeletal structures and soft tissues. The procedure does not cause unpleasant feelings, provides a large amount of important information, and the amount of radiation exposure allows performing the examination as many times as necessary without harming the body.

Radiography and its types

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Radiography was invented over a century ago, but it has still been used in almost all medical fields. It is a non-invasive method of examination that allows timely detection of abnormal conditions in neurology, gastroenterology, gynecology, urology, traumatology, and so on. 

How MRI differs from CT: the difference in methods

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Magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography are diagnostic procedures that are highly informative, which has made them especially popular. They are used both routinely and in emergencies. 

MRI of the lungs and bronchi: respiratory organs seen in tiniest detail

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Assessing the nature, localization and extent of a lesion is of paramount importance in lung diagnosis. These questions are the domain of radiology. X-rays and CT scans are commonly used, but in recent years physicians have become increasingly aware of the diagnostic potential of MRI of the lungs and bronchi.

Cardiac MRI

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Cardiac MRI

Making the heart visible in all its functions and structures in order to detect diseases as early as possible is the main diagnostic task in cardiology. Until relatively recently, the only solution was catheterization, an invasive procedure that involves certain stresses and risks.

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