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Our Urology Expert Takes Three Leading Positions

Recently as many as three major urology associations have invited Prof. A.Heidenreich to become their leading member.    

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Second opinion on testicular tumors: quality diagnosis and treatment

For over a decade, German patients with cancer of the testes have been entitled to a free online second opinion procedure. Physicians can get a second opinion from the expert of their choice within one or two days.

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is one of the most common oncological pathologies. The article will explain how to recognize the disease in time, what factors to pay attention to, describe modern diagnosis, treatment and prevention methods.

Mortality Reduction in German Cancer Centers

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The life expectancy of cancer patients depends directly on the choice of the clinic and specialists. In certified centers dealing with certain tumor types, mortality rates decrease by 12-26%. This is shown in a recently published large-scale statistical analysis of 1.000.000 cancer treatment cases in Germany.

Kidney cancer: diagnosis and treatment methods

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In most cases, malignant kidney tumors arise from the epithelial cells of nephrons (the basic elements of the renal structure) and represent renal cell carcinomas. As a rule, the disease affects only one part of the paired organ and is often detected by chance.

University Hospital Cologne shares expertise in testicular cancer treatment

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Malignant tumors of the testes are rare, so finding a genuine specialist is not easy. Germany’s leading urology facility provides effective guidelines for diagnosis and treatment.

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