Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. Axel Heidenreich

Director of the Urology Clinic of the University of Cologne, Head of the Urological Oncology Center at the University of Cologne

Experience  — 35 years

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Radical malignant prostate tumor surgery 

Radical malignant  tumor surgery of urinary bladder, kidney and testes

Medicinal uro-oncology

Salvage and radical surgery for advanced urological tumors 

Reconstructive urological surgery


Medical research:
Molecular prognostic factors of urological tumors; Resistance mechanisms of radiotherapy and chemotherapy of urological tumors; Molecular-triggered therapy of urological tumors; Surgical techniques for locally advanced tumors of the urogenital tract.
Scientific awards:
1989,1998,2005,2010 Paul Mellin Prize, North Rhine-Westphalian Society for Urology.
1993 Award European Symposium on Urolithiasis.
1995 Peter Bischoff Prize, North German Society for Urology.
1997 Heinrich Warner Prize for Urological Oncology.
2000 Oncological Urology Award, European Association of Urology.
2001 BARD Prize German Society for Urology.
2002 Maximilian Nitze Prize of the German Society for Urology.
2003 Fellowship Award from the European Association of Urology.
2009 Bernd Schönberger Prize of the AK Kidney Transplantation of the German Society for Urology.
Participation in committees:
Chairman of the Urological Oncology Working Group of the German Cancer Society
Head of the interdisciplinary testicular tumor group of the German Cancer Society
Guideline Commission for Prostate Carcinoma of the German Society for Urology
Chairman of the Prostate Cancer Guideline Commission of the European Society of Urology
Board of the European Society for Uro-Oncology
Chairman of the European Germ Cell Cancer Consensus Group
Testicular Cancer Task Force Group of the French Cancer Society
Advisory member of the Uro-Oncology Society Belarus
Advisory member of the Society for Uro-Oncology Russia
Advisory member of the Society for Uro-Oncology, Turkey
Prof. Axel Heidenreich is the author of about 250 publications, 14 published books and 45 chapters in specialized collections. The German magazine "Focus" invariably includes him in the lists of the best doctors in Germany in the field of oncourology.


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