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The term "congenital heart disease" (or defect) is an umbrella notion for a variety of abnormalities in the heart or adjacent blood vessels. What they have in common is that they develop during the fetal period of life.  It may occur in about one in 100 children, but not all such conditions are serious.

Types of congenital heart defects

The most common one is a ventricular septal defect; that is, a "hole" in the septum between the two heart chambers. Atrial septum holes and stenosis at the beginning of the aorta or in the heart valves are not uncommon as well. There are also a number of combined anomalies of cardiac anatomy.

The main consequence of these problems is improper blood supply. The aim of surgical intervention in such situations is to restore the physiological blood circulation by closing the holes or repositioning the blood vessels.

Why do congenital heart diseases occur?

Searching for the reasons for abnormal heart development is a key issue. No single answer has yet been found, but it is becoming increasingly clear that there are more causes than one. Most likely, a few factors should come together to result in a congenital heart defect.

Timely detection is not so easy

Without treatment, inborn cardiac abnormalities can seriously impair the body’s oxygen supply. If untreated, many of such conditions are incompatible with life in the long term. Therefore, it is important to detect congenital heart defects at an early stage so that the appropriate procedures can be performed in time. Thanks to advances in ultrasonography, doctors today are able to diagnose them even before birth. This is the best option since the management plan can be worked out in advance. The most important exams in the postnatal period include listening to the heart with a stethoscope, echocardiography, ECG, and magnetic resonance imaging.

With correct management, quality of life is practically unaffected

Thanks to progress in health care, inborn heart disease is no longer a fatal diagnosis. Therefore, the need to develop effective algorithms for monitoring such patients at different stages of life has come to the forefront. It has been proven that with timely treatment, their quality of life remains high enough, despite somewhat reduced physical abilities.

What is the service about?

A second opinion on congenital heart defects is a service which makes it possible to get a remote consultation of a qualified specialist, based on available medical summary or study results.

It might be helpful:

• to confirm the existing diagnosis;

• to make sure that the recommended treatment, e.g. a surgery, is correct;

• to obtain information on advanced methods of congenital heart defects diagnostics and treatment;

• to get expert commentary on previously performed exam results;

• to make the right choice if there are two or more possible therapeutic options.


What will the client get?

Diagnostic conclusion, observation and treatment proposals, based on the provided information. In case of the provided initial data incompleteness, will be given recommendations for additional examinations.

What data should be provided to get a second opinion?

Written reports:

  • Medical report (desirable)
  • The results of the examinations, including transthoracic echocardiography (required) and transesophageal echocardiography (desirable)
  • List of medications, along with details of dosage and frequency of use (required)
  • Laboratory test results (desirable)

Radiology data:

  • Heart and coronary vessels CT with angiography (desirable)
  • Heart MRI (desirable)
  • Cardiac catheter examination (required)

What are the second opinion formats and terms?

Written second opinion:

  • Making a report based on the data provided, the consulting specialist summary including a diagnostic report and recommendations for further diagnostic, treatment and observation tactics. Report size: up to 1 page. 

Video consultation:

  • All services of written second opinion. Additionally:, a 10-minute video consultation with a doctor, including a visual patient examination, clarification of symptoms, radiology images consulting, explanation of the proposed treatment tactics, answering patient's questions.

Phone consultation:

  • All services of written second opinion. Additionally: a 10-minute telephone consultation with a doctor, including clarification of symptoms, explanation of the proposed treatment tactics, answering patient's questions.

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