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Neurology is the study of the structure, function, and diseases of the nervous system. It is the most complex and well-organized system of the human body, which governs our bodily reactions to the environment and also regulates most internal functions.

The nervous system is divided into central (CNS) and peripheral (PNS) systems.

The former includes the brain and spinal cord, while all the nerve cells that do not refer to them (peripheral nerves, nerve roots, and nerve plexuses) constitute the latter.

Muscles to a certain extent also belong to the field of neurology, since they form an inseparable entity with the nerves. Therefore, a neurologist is a physician who specializes in identifying and treating diseases of the brain, sense organs, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, including nerve roots, and muscles. He also deals with abnormalities of the blood vessels that supply the nervous system; disorders of the immune and endocrine systems insomuch as they affect the nervous system, and inflammations of the meninges.

Neurology conditions and subspecialties

Nervous system abnormalities can be caused by various factors and have a wide variety of manifestations. For example, impaired cerebral circulation leads to stroke. Multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases are associated with neuroimmunological (inflammatory) processes. Possible causes of diseases such as Parkinson's disease or dementia are degenerative processes. Inflammation of the brain and its membranes is caused by bacterial or viral infections.

The field of neurology also includes the consequences of craniocerebral injuries or damage to the spinal cord and peripheral nerves. Disorders of electrical activity of the brain can manifest themselves in the form of epilepsy. In addition, there are various neurological pain disorders such as headaches, facial pain, neuralgia or nerve compression, such as those resulting from herniated discs.

Tumor diseases of the nervous system fall under the subfield of neuro-oncology, neuropsychology or cognitive neurology deals with the diagnosis and therapy of disorders of attention and memory, as well as perception and action planning. Neuro-ophthalmology deals with neurological diseases of the optic nerves, the visual parts of the brain, and the eye muscles. Neuro-orthopedics deals with damage to the spinal cord and nerve roots as a result of diseases of the spinal column.

Common nervous system disorders

The most widespread neurology issues include:

- epilepsy;

- stroke;

- Parkinson's disease

- multiple sclerosis;

- brain tumors;

- meningitis;

- migraine.


What is the service about?

A second opinion on general  neurology issues is a service which makes it possible to get a remote consultation of a qualified specialist, based on available medical summary or study results.

It might be helpful:

• to confirm the existing diagnosis;

• to make sure that the recommended treatment is correct;

• to obtain information on advanced methods of diagnostics and treatment relating to general neurology;

• to get expert commentary on previously performed exam results;

• to make the right choice if there are two or more possible therapeutic options.

What will the client get?

Diagnostic conclusion, observation and treatment proposals, based on the provided information. In case of the provided initial data incompleteness, will be given recommendations for additional examinations.

What data should be provided to get a second opinion?

Written reports:

  • Medical report (desirable)
  • Examination results: evoked potentials tests, electroencephalography, electromyography, electroneurography, study of CSF puncture
  • Up to 5 sheets included

Radiology data:

  • Ultrasound of the brain supplying vessels
  • Skull and spine MRI
  • Skull CT
  • PET
  • Up to 3 examinations included

What are the second opinion formats and terms?

Written second opinion:

Making a report based on the data provided, the consulting specialist summary including a diagnostic report and recommendations for further diagnostic, treatment and observation tactics. Report size: up to 1 page. 

Video consultation:

All services of written second opinion. Additionally:, a 10-minute video consultation with a doctor, including a visual patient examination, clarification of symptoms, radiology images consulting, explanation of the proposed treatment tactics, answering patient's questions.

Phone consultation:

All services of written second opinion. Additionally: a 10-minute telephone consultation with a doctor, including clarification of symptoms, explanation of the proposed treatment tactics, answering patient's questions.


Specialists in General neurology

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Владимир Т.

Christian E. Elger

Второе мнение оказалось очень полезным мне и моему врачу. Он учёл рекомендации профессора Эльгера из Бонна при составлении схемы лечения. Хорошо, что теперь есть такая возможность.


Andreas Hufnagel

Спасибо за заочную консультацию невропатолога профессора Хуфнагеля.

Сергей Николаевич

Andreas Hufnagel

Спасибо профессору Хуфнагелю и фирме Медконс за заочную консультацию.

Анна Кравцова

Gerhard Kluger

Фирма МЕДКОНС помогла нам связаться с немецким специалистом по эпилепсии для получения второго мнения. Профессор дал для нашей дочери рекомендации по обследованию и посоветовал изменить лекарства. Консультация была полезной. Спасибо.

Карина Х.

Christian E. Elger

Очень понравилась форма видеоконсультации с профессором Эльгером из Бонна. Спасибо.


Victor Barsky

Получила очень полезные рекомендации от Др.мед. Виктора Барского по проблемам со сном. Общались по видеосвязи без переводчика, так как доктор говорит на русском. Благодарю за организацию этой консультации!

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