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Diabetes mellitus (diabetes) is an umbrella term for various metabolic disorders. Their common feature is that they all result in increased blood sugar levels due to insulin (a hormone) deficiency and/or its reduced effect. There are two major types of the disease.

Type 1 diabetes is caused by an absolute shortage of insulin. It happens because the pancreatic cells fail to produce it, usually in childhood and adolescence. Up to date there is no cure, so patients have to take insulin injections throughout their lives.

In the case of Type 2 diabetes, the body cells do not respond to insulin (which is called “insulin resistance”). Overproduction of insulin eventually leads to an "exhaustion" of the insulin-producing cells (the pancreas cannot supply enough insulin to meet the increased demand). The disease usually manifests itself unexpectedly. It used to be called an “adult” diabetes; however, in recent years it is becoming more and more frequent among young people and teenagers.

Type 2 diabetes treatment in the initial stages includes the proper diet, regular exercise and correction of body weight. If this is not successful, various medications in pill form are prescribed. Should these not help control the disease, patients have to be injected with insulin.

What is the service about?

A second opinion on diabetes mellitus is a service which makes it possible to get a remote consultation of a qualified specialist, based on available medical summary or study results.

It might be helpful:

• to confirm the existing diagnosis;

• to make sure that the recommended treatment is correct;

• to obtain information on advanced methods of diabetes diagnostics and treatment;

• to get expert commentary on previously performed exam results;

• to make the right choice if there are two or more possible therapeutic options.

What will the client get?

Diagnostic conclusion, observation and treatment proposals, based on the provided information. In case of the provided initial data incompleteness, will be given recommendations for additional examinations.

What data should be provided to get a second opinion?

Written reports:

  • Medical report (desirable)
  • The results of the examinations, including ECG at rest and under stress, echocardiography, Holter monitoring, glucose tolerance test (desirable)
  • List of medications, along with details of dosage and frequency of use (required)
  • Laboratory test results (desirable)

Radiology data:

  • Ultrasound examination of internal organs (desirable)
  • Doppler ultrasound blood flow examination (desirable)

What are the second opinion formats and terms?

Written second opinion:

Making a report based on the data provided, the consulting specialist summary including a diagnostic report and recommendations for further diagnostic, treatment and observation tactics. Report size: up to 1 page. 

Video consultation:

All services of written second opinion. Additionally:, a 10-minute video consultation with a doctor, including a visual patient examination, clarification of symptoms, radiology images consulting, explanation of the proposed treatment tactics, answering patient's questions.

Phone consultation:

All services of written second opinion. Additionally: a 10-minute telephone consultation with a doctor, including clarification of symptoms, explanation of the proposed treatment tactics, answering patient's questions.


Specialists in Diabetes mellitus

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