Second Opinion on Thyroid diseases

Expert opinions and online advice on thyroid diseases delivered via your computer or mobile device. Second opinion is available wherever there is an internet. All you need is a PC or a smartphone.

The thyroid gland is a vital hormone gland. It plays a major role in metabolism, growth and maturation of the body and helps regulate numerous bodily functions. To do this, it constantly releases a certain amount of thyroid hormones into the blood. If the metabolism requires more energy in certain situations, such as in cold weather or during pregnancy, it produces more hormones accordingly.

Thyroid diseases can occur at any age.

Basically, a distinction is made between malfunctions (hyper- and hypofunction) and changes in size and condition (enlargements, nodules, tumors). Often there are overlaps and mixed forms.

What is the service about?

A second opinion on thyroid diseases is a service which makes it possible to get a remote consultation of a qualified specialist, based on available medical summary or study results.

It might be helpful:

• to confirm the existing diagnosis;

• to make sure that the recommended treatment, e.g. a surgery, is correct;

• to obtain information on advanced methods of thyroid diseases diagnostics and treatment;

• to get expert commentary on previously performed exam results;

• to make the right choice if there are two or more possible therapeutic options.

What will the client get?

Diagnostic conclusion, observation and treatment proposals, based on the provided information. In case of the provided initial data incompleteness, will be given recommendations for additional examinations.

What data should be provided to get a second opinion?

Written reports:

  • Medical report (preferred)
  • Exam summaries, including a thyroid biopsy report (preferred)
  • The list of your current medications, including their dosage and administration frequency (required)
  • Laboratory test results (preferred)

Radiology data:

  • Thyroid ultrasound scan (preferred)
  • Thyroid scintigraphy scan (preferred)
  • A diagnostic opinion with treatment and follow-up recommendations based on the provided health information. If the available medical data are insufficient, you will be encouraged to get additional exams.

What are the second opinion formats and terms?

Written second opinion:

A summary of the provided medical records and the consulting expert’s report including the diagnostic opinion and recommendations. Report size: up to 1 page. 

Video consultation:

All services contained in the written second opinion plus an up to 15-minute video conference with the consulting physician in which the latter inquires about the symptoms, comments on the recommended treatment plan and answers the patient's questions.

Phone consultation:

All services contained in the written second opinion plus an up to 10-minute telephone talk with the consulting physician in which the latter explains the conclusions, discusses the recommended plan and answers the patient's questions. 


Specialists in Thyroid diseases

You do not have to spend hours getting through busy hospital lines, or sitting in waiting rooms. Expert advice will be delivered fast and free of your effort.

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Раиса Фёдоровна К.

Werner Scherbaum

Эндокринолог Шербаум смог заочно ответить на мои вопросы. Всё было оперативно. Благодарность всем.


Werner Scherbaum

Спасибо за заочную консультацию в Дюссельдорфе, у профессора Шербаума. Всё чётко и информативно.

Пауль В.

Werner Scherbaum

Благодарю за удалённую консультацию профессора Шербаума. Всё чётко и понятно.

Камил Ч.

Werner Scherbaum

Профессор Шербаум очень подробно составил заочное заключение на основании моих жалоб и результатов лабораторного анализа. Получил рекомендации по лечению сахарного диабета, особенно важно было, что поменял медикаменты. Консультацией доволен.


Wolfram Karges

Спасибо всем за помощь с получением дополнительного врачебного заключения. Всё было быстро и чётко!


Wolfram Karges

Проконсультировалась у Профессора Каргеса по поводу диабета, получила очень важные рекомендации. Большое спасибо Профессору! Очень хорошо, что с помощью Медконсонлайн можно получить мнение немецкого специалиста без посещения Германии. Спасибо …

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